1. When will the tickets for Claro Open Colombia go on sale?
There are 3 Stages of Sales:
Stage 1 : May 20 – June 3: FARES with discount up to 16% (8% Subscription, 8% exclusive users Claro Postpaid *)
Stage 2 : June 4 – June 19: FARES with discount of 8% .
Stage 3: June 20 – July 21: FERTILIZERS with discount of 8% and ticket office per day.
The price information can be found on this web page, in the HOME “Season tickets from May 30” and in the “Ticketing” section.
2. Is there a discount for those who purchase the tickets?
Yes. There are two types of discounts: 8% for the purchase of FERTILIZERS and 8% exclusive for users of Claro fixed and / or mobile solutions postpaid por purchase of tickets until June 3, presenting the canceled invoice for Claro fixed or Claro Móvil services, Club Claro card or the coupon downloaded from the website at all points of Tu Boleta Nacional level.
3. Are there different types of Box Office?
Yes, several types of Tickets will be sold. Each ticket has a special location, with a special price and specific benefits.
– Boxes with hospitality attention (attended by the best restaurants in the city)
– Platino Alta and Baja: North, South, Oriental and Occidental
– Oro Alta and Baja: Oriental and Occidental4. I live in Cali and I want to go to Claro Open Colombia Is there a special package?
Yes. We will have some “Special Packages” that include lodging and tickets to attend the Tournament. The ticket is purchased at the Agency. n “News” you will find all the information about these Special Packages.

5. I live in Venezuela, are there packages for outside of Colombia?
Yes, we will also have special packages from abroad.

6. What company will be responsible for selling the Tickets?
TuBoleta is the company that will be in charge of selling the tickets. People can acquire them through the website and points of sale in the main cities of the country.

7. I want to attend the tournament all week. Are there special prices?
Yes, we will have special packages and packages for days, with a special price.