The disadvantages of legalizing weed edibles in Canada


Research has shown that cannabis has many advantages, which is making its use legally acceptable across many nations. there is a belief that the use of marijuana has positive effects on health such as inhibition of cancer, reduction of stress, and inflammation, among other benefits. However, some disadvantages come with legalizing the herb, that include the following:  

Marijuana is addictive 

Some scientist claim that cannabis is not as addictive as other hard drugs, while others feel that the users develop dependence over time. There is evidence that stopping marijuana use leads to withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and anxiety. The addiction to cannabis needs further research to prove it. 

Decreased mental health 

Some researchers argue that legalization of weed edibles may lead to restriction of blood flow to the brain, memory loss, high chances of schizophrenia, and depression. However, these allegations are yet to be proven since it’s not clear whether cannabis users use it to deal with the symptoms of schizophrenia and stress or to alleviate them.  

Risk to the lungs 

Cannabis is believed to have carcinogens that cause cancer of the lungs. However the effects are associated with smoking but it is not yet clear whether alternative administration methods like edibles, vaporization and tinctures would still cause cancer. More research is necessary before fully legalizing weed edibles. 

Marijuana affects one perception 

The use of cannabis, whether through edibles, smoking, vaporization, or tinctures, causes a person’s opinion that leads to impairment in driving, which may cause accidents. Driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana is illegal, whether the cannabis was for recreation or health reasons. There are harsh penalties for people who drive under the influence of drug substance. There are, however, no tests to determine whether a user is high on marijuana, but proof depends on physical or behavioral analysis. One may, therefore, be judged unfairly for having taken too much cannabis. Blood tests can also be used to determine the THC levels, which may also not be accurate. 

Marijuana is a getaway drug 

There is a belief that when a person tries marijuana, they are more susceptible to the use of harder and more dangerous drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers. Legalizing cannabis would, therefore, increase the number of people who try it and eventually move onto harder drugs. More drug users mean putting pressure on the medical system and public funds in providing treatment for individuals when they get serious problems. 


Before the legalization of weed edibles, there is a need to weigh the pros and cons and see which will outweigh the other. The drawbacks associated with marijuana use may have more adverse than positive effects on both individual persons and the government, and more research should be done on them. 

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