Taking THC edibles safely

THC edibles are edible food products that contain cannabis Sativa. They may come in different forms such as brownies or gummies depending on the preference of the user. The edibles contain either THC that is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or CBD that is cannabidiol which are the main ingredients of marijuana. Marijuana has been legalized in the world today as so edibles are becoming popular as the days go by. In this article, I will be discussing taking THC edibles safely. 

Keep yourself hydrated 

Edibles make one thirsty and one gets the feeling of drinking more and more water. This is not necessarily a dehydration sign but it’s an effect of marijuana. Water is known to speed up the process of digestion in the body. Water also helps to prevent the effect of dry mouth caused by the intake of edibles. 

Take a meal before 

One way of taking THC edibles safely is to ensure that you do not have an empty stomach. Although the edibles may be digested faster when taken before a meal, there is an effect of stomach upsets afterward or even one becomes uncomfortably high. Meals with high fats are highly recommended before taking the edibles. This is because high-fat foods speed the absorption of THC and CBD ingredients. 

Be patient when taking the edibles 

One experiences a high intensity when taking edibles and even after. It is advisable to take small portions of edibles at a time and be patient before taking the next one. This is because some of the cannabis takes 10 minutes as the least time for the reaction to be seen or felt. By doing so, one gains more control over the THC edibles. For beginners, it is advisable to take drinks with marijuana ingredients rather than gummies or cookies. 

Be in a comfortable environment 

Another way of taking THC edibles safely is by being in a comfortable and familiar environment. This is because the effects or outcomes of marijuana are unpredictable. THC edibles react differently depending on the user’s body and so being calm and doing what you love doing is highly recommended. One should stay away from children when taking edibles not because children will consume but you may have the responsibility to look after them. 

 Check the right dose for you 

You should read the labels before purchasing the THC edibles. This helps to check if it is the right dose for you. Every individual reacts differently after taking edibles. It depends on the past usage level. For beginners, 1.5 to 5.0 gm is advisable for the start and you can keep increasing as you become used to it. 


Taking THC edibles safely is a priority so that you get the experience that you were looking for. Some people opt to make the THC edibles for themselves at home as long as they have the right equipment and measurements while others opt to purchase from outsiders. That is the choice of the user to make. 

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