Challenges Brought About by COVID19 to Cannabis Consumption

COVID19 is a recent scourge which has drastically become a threat to the world. The dreadful pandemic has proven to be highly life claiming. It is currently becoming difficult to contain with its vaccine still underway. On the other hand, Cannabis is a plant whose leaves are consumed or dried and smoked in blunts. It is useful for its health benefits. It is usually prescribed to various patients by medical practitioners for cure of such diseases as leprosy among other diseases. It however has a negative impact on a person’s psychology when consumed in uncontrolled measures or limits. Marijuana is legalized in some states in America and prohibited in other states too. The business of bhang has reportedly been thriving in the United States of America before the outbreak of COVID19 This disease has posed several challenges to cannabis consumption among which include the following: 

Low supply 

Following the curfew rules and a total lockdown, people are not allowed to move to various places of their choice. They are only supposed to stay in their homes. This was a direct order by the government in attempt to combat COVID19 catastrophe. In this case, therefore, people who covered large distances to access marijuana are forced to stay without consumption. Also, with the government threatens to close the cannabis dispensers, many consumers of the product are left under total discombobulation over how to survive under this nonentity. This is because, those depending on it for medicinal benefits could end up being left unattended. Under this condition, deliveries become hard to make since movement is curbed. This means that now or few supplies could be made. 

Shift of focus from marijuana to COVID19 

initially, the government had all its attention locked on the cannabis. There were efforts to legalize the commodity in states in which it had been rendered illegalities has been brought to a standstill as the government focuses on corona virus disaster. People have also feared contracting the virus and in which case they have opted to stay indoors. Even those that are frequent consumers have been forced by circumstances to regulate their intake. Every person is seemingly concentrating on how to escape the pandemic safe and sound. 

In summary, the cannabis industry is not as thriving as it is used to be prior to corona virus outbreak. The levels of consumption have relatively gone down. People are Keen on takings precautionary measures in dealing with COVID19. Every person has become careful on matters their health. This has seen them pause their secondary desires in fight for their lives. People are encouraged to stay safe and sound and observe government directives over the virus. 

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Co2 Cannabis Vaping Oil Preparation

The best-preferred method of preparing this vapor oil is the supercritical CO2 extraction. This extraction method extracts all the stuff that makes cannabis perfect from the plant matter on which it resides in. It eliminates trace amounts of toxins in the finished products that produce the best taste for the health-conscious canvassers. It, therefore, removes the burden of burning marijuana to reap all the mind-altering and medicinal benefits from marijuana users. Preferred taste for both the medicinal and recreational users is the instantly-rejuvenating, cool, and cannabinoid-infused vapor as opposed to the harsh combusted cannabis smoke This method’s end product is clean, pure, testier, safe, and true high-quality cannabis concentrate. 

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process 

Besides creating high-quality cannabis oil, this process is increasingly being used as a cheap, recyclable, and environmentally safe industrial solvent for creating high quality: coffee, vanilla, tea, fruit and nut extracts, omega 3 oils, perfumes, and tobacco extractions for cigarettes. The process is discussed below. 

Process 1 

CO2 extraction machines essentially freeze and compress CO2 gas into a supercritical cold liquid state.  Carbon dioxide usually behaves as a gas at standard temperature and pressure. The gas can be changed to a solid without much effort. The solid-state is known as dry ice. These are the most common phrases that appear outside a lab. Inside the lab, there is special equipment that changes CO2 gas into a liquid by increasing the pressure to 75 pounds per square inch and keep the temperature below -69 degree farads. This liquid CO2 is then subjected to heat where its temperature and pressure are increased to a certain point to come up with a fluid that is the supercritical CO2.  

Process 2 

The supercritical CO2 is then passed through some high-grade pot contained in an extractor. It’s at this point that the CO2 pulls all of the essential trichome and terpene oils and waxes out of the plant material. The solution (the supercritical CO2 containing all the cannabis good stuff) is then passed through a separator where it is broken down into its constituent parts. The trichomes, terpenes, and other goodies are sent to a collection receptacle, while the supercritical CO2 is passed through a condenser, where it is turned back into a liquid. This liquid is then sent to the storage tank where it can be used to restart the process. 


Many extraction methods can be used to create oils, however, the most preferred method today is the supercritical CO2 extraction. This is because it uses CO2, a naturally occurring element and can be used as a non-toxic solvent. The final product is a solvent-free product (any CO2 remaining in the oil evaporates) that can as well be vaped or be subjected to the last step of removing waxes and lipids from the extract. This process, therefore, produces cannabis concentrates that are extremely safe, clean, less toxic and more aromatic than butane hash oil products. From the process, a nice, light amber colored oil known as the CO2 cannabis vaping oil is produced.  

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Marketing CBD Vape Online

CBD vape is extracted from cannabinoids a component of cannabis. This has become a growing trend in recent years. Companies producing CBD vape and its other components have found it hard to much the demand levels due to the controversial nature of cannabinoids and other cannabis components. Which are the ways of making marketing the CBD vape products successfully online?

  • Include discounts as part of the deal You can either lower the price for consumers who buy in high quantity. This will make them purchase more products leading to bigger profits.
  • Place your goods in packages. There are chances that someone buying CBD vape will also need a vaping pipe. It will provide a great opportunity for buyers to find everything they need under one roof.
  • Offer delivery services. Online purchase and delivery will guarantee you most customers since most people do not want to move around with cannabis products It will also give you the chance to charge an extra delivery fee.
  • Create an interaction platform where your customers can criticize or compliment your product. This will help build your product. When it is criticism you will come up with innovative ways to develop your product. In case of praise, it will act as a marketing opportunity as people search online for product.

The online world is a goldmine for entrepreneurs. Smart entrepreneurs are using the available online platforms to push their businesses to the next level. As a CBD vape producer there are many reasons why you should start using online means to sell and market your products.

  • Wide market range. There are millions of potential customers out there and all they are waiting for is to be exposed to your product. Many entrepreneurs have realized that potential buyer?s first research online on how they can find products buy my weed online The moment you start to market your CBD oil products, you give the person the feeling that they ought to consider your product.
  • Creating relationships with your customers is very important in the CBD production business. There are very many types of cannabis plants out there, all with different effects. When you create a relationship with your customer it helps you gauge which variety is more popular and strategize on how you can earn more using that information.
  • Assessing competition is very easy online. Customers always discuss their dealers. This way you can analyze the things your competitors are doing and you are not. You still can learn about things you are doing better than your competitors and devise plans on how to improve more.

The opportunities provided by online platforms are increasing every day. All you need to is to contact a reputable marketing company to take your CBD vape business to the next level.

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CBD Pharmacotherapy For Pain

There are three types of pain perception in the body. Nociceptive pain manifesting in body tissue due to physical injury or degeneration due to disease. Neuropathic pain affecting sensory nerves due to extreme inflammation. A dysfunction of the central nervous system causing the brain to perceive general body pain. These pains can be sharp and excruciating, dull and throbbing, or an uncomfortable ache. In a number of cases conventional medicines sometimes does not bring the desired relieve to the patient. This is why more people have sought alternative remedies and especially marijuana based pain relievers.

CBD contains high levels of anti-inflammatory properties that accord patients a lot of relieve from inflammatory related complications. Its effect on the immune system ameliorates pain for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and arthritis. By the same action, reduction of neuro-inflammation is highly beneficial to patients with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. CBD also produces good levels of antioxidants positively affecting hyperglycemia and controlling the progress of diabetes.CBD, as a cannabinoid has shown potential for topical relieve subject to further research, in skin conditions arising from inflammation such as atopic dermatitis and acne.

Another area of interest is cancer where phytocannabinoid CBDs have shown some impact especially in reduction of tumor metastasis, angiogenesis, and proliferation of cells. Patients suffering from seizures and convulsions have shown an improvement in their symptoms and reduction of frequency in attacks upon using CBD. This is a welcome relieve especially to epileptic patients and their families or caregivers.Cannabidiol’s relaxing effect on arteries causes vasorelaxation, which prevents vascular damage due to hyperglycemia and inflammation and increases blood flow after a stroke. This effect also reduces high intraocular pressure in the eye protecting one against glaucoma.

Cannabidiol as an alternative palliative medicine is continually gaining prominence and attracting demand. The industry has equally responded with a number of products to suit usage and needs as well as some form of dosage regulation included.

Cannabidiol Oils: The oil extracts are the most preferred for their natural unprocessed form and potency. The oil is extracted directly from the seeds,flowers, andstalks of the cannabis plant This produces a full spectrum CBD oil with all the natural compounds, essential oils,and cannabinoids as found in the plant.It is packed in a bottle and is easy to use with a dropper to place a drop of oil under the tongue. Alongside this are tinctures, which are extracts presented in a solvent mostly alcohol, but mild in strength compared to the oils. It is administered the same as the oils with a dropper. Other forms include powders, capsules, edibles, vape oils, and topicals for external use.

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Details On How To Buy Weed Online

Medical marijuana has now been legalized in many countries and states all over the world. As the legalization keeps on taking effect, it has been found that purchasing your weed has been made so much easier. Wondering how, well, buying your weed is one of the most convenient and easiest ways in which you can be able to get access to your product. You no longer need to have a connection to some guy for you to be able to get access to the product that you need desperately for the medical condition that you are suffering from. The only thing that you need to do is get to find out how to buy weed online and within no time, you will have your weed delivered right at your door, like from

The very first thing that you will need to do is to make sure that you have a license for medical cannabis that shows the medical condition or conditions that is been treated by the that you are going to be getting. If you are not sure if the condition you are suffering from qualifies you for a medical license the best thing would be to consult with the relevant bodies or speak to your doctor.

As much as you are getting to learn how to buy weed online and because of the fact that it has now been made easy for you to be able to buy this product online, it is still important for you to make sure that you are able to follow all the necessary guidelines and laws before you start making any purchases. Failure to do so may land you in serious trouble and you may also be unable to access your weed.

The good thing about online dispensaries is that they tend to have a lot of variety that you can be able to choose from compared to the local dispensaries that are located in your area. The only thing that you need to do is to make a search and select what you need. Once you do this, the next thing that you need to do is to make an order. However, before you can be able to make any orders, you will need to prove that you are of legal age.

If there are any questions that you have in regards to the strain that you need, then you can still be able to communicate with the online dispensary. Alternatively, you can as well go ahead and do your own research so that you can be able to find all the information that you are looking for. It is important to make sure that you are always getting the right product for the condition that you are suffering from.

Benefits Of Buying Cannabis From Online Dispensaries

Many states in the US have legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes. In Canada, cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes has been legalized. When you want to buy cannabis products, you have two options: buying from a physical dispensary or buying from an online dispensary. Most people are buying most of their products online including cannabis or marijuana There are various advantages of buying cannabis online. This article will highlight and explain the benefits of buying weed from online dispensaries as follows:


One of the reasons that we witness many people buying their cannabis online is because of convenience. When you , you need not travel to the dispensary or get concerned about the working hours. This is especially important to people who live in places that are far from dispensaries, the physically challenged, people who don?t use public transportation and those who are sick. Due to the convenience that online buying offers, these groups of people use this method of buying cannabis.

Lack of talking

Sometimes you don?t want to talk to anyone because you are tired, introverted or sick. If you find yourself in any of these situations, the best way is to order your cannabis through XpressGrass online dispensaries so that you avoid talking or interacting to anybody. Furthermore, when you shop online, you get quality time to look at various products and make the right decisions before buying. You are not rushed by anyone to make buying decisions.

Many choices

When you shop for your cannabis through online dispensaries, you get a variety of products with different prices. The many choices that are offered to you enable you to select the best product which will satisfy your needs. The physical dispensaries do not store many products because they deal with few clients within a specific area. They only store products that satisfy the clients from such an area.

Discounted prices

Online dispensaries do not have many overhead costs compared to physical dispensaries. They can run from a warehouse and don?t need may attendants. They equally don?t need special interior decors or complex security details. Due to these benefits that the online dispensaries enjoy, they are able to offer their clients, good discounts and deals that may not be found in a physical cannabis dispensary. Furthermore, the cost of transportations may not be as expensive as compared when you were to visit the store yourself.

Critically ill patients

For patients suffering from severe depression and other diseases, it is impractical to leave the house and go shopping for cannabis from a physical dispensary. For such patients, the most convenient way to shop is through online dispensaries.