Licensed Medical Marijuana Production in Canada


Marijuana was first prohibited in Canada in 1923 but due to evidence of its effective treatment for some medical conditions, the government of Canada introduced the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) in 2001 to legalize use of cannabis for medical purposes only. In August 2016, Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) was initiated to clarify the responsibilities and roles of Licensed Producers (LP) but this system was repealed in October 17, 2018 when the use of dried cannabis by adults for recreation was legalized.

Health Canada Licensed Producer

Health Canada is the federal department that is responsible for the national health. Apart from marijuana, it also oversees indigenous healthcare and pharmaceutical licenses. Health Canada introduced its Licensed Producer System to ensure its citizens have a source of safe medical marijuana. Licensed Producer (LP) stands for a company given the mandate to grow, process, sell/test/ research on marijuana by Health Canada.

For a company to be a part of the Health Canada, they must undergo a strict screening process to ensure public safety and to make sure that the companies are not engaging in the black market. The screening includes checking the background of the owners and corporate board members fully, financial audits, a filed business plan and having several inspections of their growing operations.

Steps to become a Licensed Producer

For one to become a licensed producer of marijuana in Canada, there are steps that ought to be followed:

  • #1: Familiarize with all the relevant Federal and provincial, territorial and municipal legislation
  • #2: Identify the license and subclass you are interested in
  • #3: Create a Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS) account
  • #4: Inform all the persons that are involved with the proposed license holder to create a CTLS account and to apply for a security clearance, if necessary
  • #5: If necessary, create a corporate account
  • #6: Gather all the needed information then create an application
  • #7: Finally submit the application

Importance of Licensed Producer System

Health Canada Licensed Producer, possibly the strictest marijuana regulation system in the world is important in ensuring a safe and high quality product. It ensures that no marijuana grown by licensed producers is sold illegally in the black market. In turn, this aids in restricted access and minimizes consumption by minors.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is prescribed to patients suffering from pain, anxiety and/or sleep disorders. Marijuana is prescribed in the case where both traditional medications and therapies are ineffective to the patient’s conditions After receiving a prescription, the medication is shipped directly from the licensed producer to the patient (there are no direct-to-consumer sales). The medication is ordered either online or over the phone and takes 1-5 days to be mailed right to your doorstep by Canada Post or Purolator.

Like any other drug, medical marijuana also has its side effects such as dizziness, impaired memory, confusion, nervousness, impairments in motor skills and perception, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting and fast heartbeat.

The above article has pinpointed the key things you need to know about licensed marijuana in Canada.