Health benefits of THC and CBD

THC is a psychoactive compound in weed, it produces the ‘high’. It is consumed in various ways such as edibles, capsules, oils, and smoke. They are produced by both hemp and cannabis  


It mimics a natural chemical originating from the brain hence alters the communication 

Health benefits of THC 

Helps with correction of eating disorders by increasing appetite  

Helps manage pain from chronic diseases such as cancer. Clinical trials have proven to reduce pain, however, no research is conclusive on the doses to be used for a safe prescription 

Helps neurodegenerative diseases 

Reduces nausea as a result of chemotherapy for cancer patients. This is specific to two drugs that have been used for over 30years to help in the management  

Reduces pain from multiple sclerosis by improving the muscle spasms 

Cures insomnia and increases the quality of sleep. This can be associated with many health issues such as chronic pains. THC cuts out any sleep disturbances and short sleeping patterns  

Effects of THC 

Continuous use of hemp oil for dogs has been linked to longtime psychiatric disorders e.g. schizophrenia. Some of these side effects occur temporarily ie 

Poor or loss of memory because the THC Changes how the hippocampus works, they are responsible for memory formation 

Poor learning and body coordination. Weed changes how brain regions process information that directly affects motor control 

Red eyes. When they attach to CBD, they widen the vessels which increase blood flow and a decrease in blood pressure 

Dry mouth  

Increased heart rate. You are highly likely to get a heart attack an hour after smoking due to its complex effects on the cardiovascular system 


CBD is highly concentrated in hemp. It is quite different from THC as it does not make the user ‘high’. Experts advise that it can be taken every day and even in the event of an overdose, it won’t be that bad 

Health benefits of CBD 

Treats some of the extreme cases of epilepsy and helps control seizures  

Corrects mental and anxiety disorders 

Reduces anxiety with its calming effect on the receptors as they produce anti-depressants 

Cures extreme migraines as it affects exact receptors in the brain 

Side effects of CBD  

Body fatigue. This is specific to the full spectrum CBD only that may have other organic compounds 

Drowsiness and exhaustion may be brought about by its effects on some receptors causing sleepiness  

Stomach discomfort and diarrhea is considered as one of the most common side effects of CBD as most people just don’t digest the oil as it should be 

Loss of weight by boosting metabolism and food intake reduction 

Both CBD and THC have proven to be of good medical value. However, the negative side effects are also glaring. Before using any of these substances, consult with your doctor for direction 

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