Discover everything you need to understand about weed delivery in Canada

Only a Licensed Producer in Canada can ship medical cannabis to patients who order it online. Here is a list of adult-use (recreational) delivery services regulated by Canada’s provinces and territories. Regardless of where you get cannabis in Canada, you may expect different shipping options and rates. Still, all weed delivery services in Canada will require proof of age, either a photo I.D. or a signature at the door.

Marijuana Delivery in Canada’s Largest City and Beyond.

If you live in Ontario and want your marijuana delivered, you’ll have to order it online from the Ontario Cannabis Store. In general, same-day and next-day courier delivery is available to residents of the Greater Toronto Area. Outside of the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, the Waterloo Region, and Guelph, the only delivery option is through Canada Post.

Vancouver Weed Delivery

Weed delivery in Canada (west coast), online and phone ordering for in-store pickup was recently allowed by provincial officials who had previously placed limits on privately owned dispensaries. If you’re confined inside, you’ll have to order your marijuana online and deliver it to you via Canada Post, administered by the provincially owned B.C. Cannabis Stores.

Fortunately for B.C. bud fans, there are a plethora of choices! Tantalus Labs’ greenhouse-grown flower is a great way to help the local economy. Some postal codes in B.C. are prohibited from ordering vaporizers due to safety concerns, so keep that in mind when you place your order.

How has COVID-19 influenced the distribution of cannabis in Canada?

Weed delivery in Canada was made available throughout the epidemic, even though retail marijuana outlets were shuttered across the country. Ongoing compliance with all provincial laws and regulations regarding the sale and delivery of legal cannabis is a condition for the continued availability of cannabis delivery services to those under the legal purchase age.


In conclusion, tracking services will continue to be required for weed delivery in Canada. As a result, the parcel may be tracked by the sender, the recipient, and Canada Post throughout the processing and delivery process.

As a licensed distributor, you will have access to detailed commercial and packaging criteria based on federal and provincial requirements, guaranteeing that the item can be processed appropriately through Canada Post’s delivery network.

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