Challenges Brought About by COVID19 to Cannabis Consumption

COVID19 is a recent scourge which has drastically become a threat to the world. The dreadful pandemic has proven to be highly life claiming. It is currently becoming difficult to contain with its vaccine still underway. On the other hand, Cannabis is a plant whose leaves are consumed or dried and smoked in blunts. It is useful for its health benefits. It is usually prescribed to various patients by medical practitioners for cure of such diseases as leprosy among other diseases. It however has a negative impact on a person’s psychology when consumed in uncontrolled measures or limits. Marijuana is legalized in some states in America and prohibited in other states too. The business of bhang has reportedly been thriving in the United States of America before the outbreak of COVID19 This disease has posed several challenges to cannabis consumption among which include the following: 

Low supply 

Following the curfew rules and a total lockdown, people are not allowed to move to various places of their choice. They are only supposed to stay in their homes. This was a direct order by the government in attempt to combat COVID19 catastrophe. In this case, therefore, people who covered large distances to access marijuana are forced to stay without consumption. Also, with the government threatens to close the cannabis dispensers, many consumers of the product are left under total discombobulation over how to survive under this nonentity. This is because, those depending on it for medicinal benefits could end up being left unattended. Under this condition, deliveries become hard to make since movement is curbed. This means that now or few supplies could be made. 

Shift of focus from marijuana to COVID19 

initially, the government had all its attention locked on the cannabis. There were efforts to legalize the commodity in states in which it had been rendered illegalities has been brought to a standstill as the government focuses on corona virus disaster. People have also feared contracting the virus and in which case they have opted to stay indoors. Even those that are frequent consumers have been forced by circumstances to regulate their intake. Every person is seemingly concentrating on how to escape the pandemic safe and sound. 

In summary, the cannabis industry is not as thriving as it is used to be prior to corona virus outbreak. The levels of consumption have relatively gone down. People are Keen on takings precautionary measures in dealing with COVID19. Every person has become careful on matters their health. This has seen them pause their secondary desires in fight for their lives. People are encouraged to stay safe and sound and observe government directives over the virus. 

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