Can I order Weed Online In Canada

Legalization of weed has always been a contentious issue in world politics but not in Canada anymore. Weed lovers in Canada were ecstatic when the sale of recreational marijuana was legalized. To aid this development, weed stores and dispensaries began selling their merchandise online rock star tuna strain. This means you can order that premium-quality weed from the comfort of your own home. Certified bliss. That said, purchasing weed online has certain rules and steps to follow before that knock on the door. Let’s dig in. 

Can I order weed from home? 

Easily. All you need is a working internet and of course some money. Visit the websites (which are extremely easy to navigate) and place your order. In no time, the delivery will be at your doorstep. 

These websites are heavily regulated to ensure that quality in both product and delivery is not compromised. 

What are the rules concerning purchase of weed online? 

First thing you need to know is that all legal weed retailers and dispensaries have been licensed. If you buy your products from elsewhere you are at risk. Most of these retailers are Government owned with very few privately operated but still under jurisdiction. Each province has its own online store. 

You have to buy weed from the online store in your province. You can’t buy from other provinces. If you are from Manitoba, you can’t buy from Quebec for example. Online stores will also only sell in the provinces they are in. 

The legal age for purchasing weed is 19 in all provinces with the exception of Quebec which is 21. Craving that weed before your 19th birthday? Do not even think about it. You will be breaking the law. An identification document is required before purchase. 

A weight limit of the marijuana is also imposed. You cannot purchase more than 30g of weed. Go easy on your joints. 

Each province has its own rules and regulations on the sale of weed online. Get familiar with these rules in your area of residence before you make a purchase. 

How to make a purchase 

The steps are easy to follow. First you will visit the website of the online store in your province. Create an account and auto-fill your details. Your name, age, occupation and so forth. Some of these sites will require your photo and address. 

Log in with your account, and scroll through to find your preferences. You can buy edibles, vape pens or the standard cannabis and many other products. Select and then pay. Delivery will depend on the province but mostly 1-2 days. 

Where can I buy the weed? 

All 13 Canadian provinces have an online store where you can buy. Visit the websites and place your order. Delivery is at your doorstep. 

Advantages of buying online 

The quality of the product is guaranteed because all outlets are licensed and have met the mark of quality. 

Saves the buyer time spent shopping since delivery is at your doorstep. 

Money will be spent wisely and chances of addiction are less since there is a weight limit of 30g. 

More products have been introduced hence more diversification and buying according to your tastes and preferences. 

Buying weed online has revolutionised marijuana consumption. More options plus the right amount plus the right quality equals immense satisfaction. Go online and get to smoking the right way.