Benefits of magic mushrooms in treating PTSD

PTSD commonly known as Post-traumatic stress disorder is common among persons who have experienced trauma or faced natural disasters in their lives. These traumatic experiences include accidents (car, fire, floods, etc.), military combats, or a difficult childhood. These traumatic experiences make the victim develop depression and anxiety episodes and so calls for treatment. Some of the PTSD cases disappear on their own while most continue to be a plaque to the victim until proper treatment. There are several treatments like the use of anti-depressants and anxiety medication. Others include psychotherapy sessions. On the same quest, scientists started researching magic mushroom uses to treat PTSD or the use of psychedelics. It was after its discoveries on its ability to treat other ailments. This article will focus on how it works, its benefits, and the risks involved. 

How do magic mushrooms work? 

Magic mushroom uses to treat PTSD is done in therapeutic sessions. Before the psychedelics, a PTSD patient would take 10-15 sessions but with the shrooms, a total of three sessions is enough. Research shows that the drug releases neurotransmitters and hormones of trust in the brain. It helps the patient entrust the therapist with the traumas by opening up to what happened. And as we know a problem shared is solved, so the healing process begins there and then. 

Benefits of magic mushrooms in treating PTSD 

Among the benefits of magic, mushrooms are that it is not addictive either chemically or psychologically unlike other drugs like nicotine. Also, it has no known major side effects unlike other treatments for PTSD. In regards to how it works releasing trust hormones, trust is associated with a happy feeling, so it is a happy drug. How many drugs do you know to treat the disease and cause happiness? I bet you answered less than five. 

Risks of magic mushroom use to treat PTSD 

Just like any drug, the risk of abuse is always gazing and these psychedelics are no different.  Other risk factors include an unpleasant trip. It treats by helping someone to trust and open up. Imagine going back to the same traumatic experience, some people experience bad trips in the process and it comes back worse than the original. Also, there are cases of flashes and feelings of psychedelic drug-induced trips after the actual sessions. Other effects include muscular tension, low appetite, nausea, etc. 

In conclusion, there’s is no doubt that magic mushroom bar use to treat PTSD is a great scientific discovery. The patients now have hope of normal life after experiencing these traumas. To makes things better, psychedelics take a short duration to manifest tangible results. However, there are risks involved and we must not overlook them. To be on the safer side, do not buy the psychedelics and treat yourself as the results could be catastrophic. Only administer the drug in guided sessions and under observation. The use of psychedelics is illegal in some countries although the Foods and Drugs Authority FDA is taking the necessary steps to approve it so that everyone can benefit from it.